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Sint Maarten
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Bird Park

Dutch Quarter, Sint Maarten

Parrot Sanctuary- Bird Park

Sint Maarten’s Bird Park is one of those secret gems tucked away in the island’s interior. The Park has many vibrant colored species of Parrots and Birds. As you enter you will be given a feeding cup with bird food. You will be guided by an employees, they are very knowledgable on the Parrots and Birds in the sanctuary, they will show you their behavoral patterns and educate you on each bird parrot species. The Parrots would fly to you as you stretch your hand out to them, you will expience an upclose and personal view of them.

There is a mini historical museum about the islands history. They educate you on how things were used here in Sint Maarten back in the day, the owner has collected several personal family heilooms.

Just outside of the museum children can play on the play ground, while the parents or guardian enjoy a drink are the mini bar.

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